Patrick Found a Something

Author: Matt Ryan



Text and Images from Patrick Found a Something

oh, you found something special?

oh wow…

<end of sample>


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Comments 2

  • Yes interesting

  • Danielle (editor) writes:
    Very cute story. I like the humour (as does my child), and the interactive writing style. The simple clear writing and cute colourful images are great for toddlers.

    Ruben Luera writes:
    i love your book its amazing

    Judith writes:
    Hilarious! It’s got great momentum, it’s funny for parents and kids, and the text and illustrations complement each other beautifully. Matt Ryan is my new favorite author!

    Maria Bina writes:
    AMAZING!!! So Stunning!!! Love it so much!! Matt Ryan, well done perfectly!! ????

    Patrick Crain writes:
    Love the name. Love the art. Can’t pronounce xylophone. 10/10


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