Homework and Study Habits: Tips for Kids and Teenagers

Studying at home is a struggle for most students. With objects of their interest within reach, it becomes difficult to concentrate on textbooks that may bore them thoroughly.

But that doesn’t mean studying at home isn’t possible. It is possible and also quite important!

Children need to revise what they learn at school to develop a better understanding of their subjects. The more time they spend on education, the better they thrive at it and become a resourceful member of society.

Since every grand change, event, and person is a product of several micro-efforts combined, your child needs to develop healthy study habits, particularly if you wish to see him or her become successful. On that note, here we have a few handy tips to help kids and teenagers make the most of their studying time at home.

Cut-Off the Distractions

Perhaps, the first and highly important step that you need to take is cutting off the distractions. With all these devices and unlimited internet connection enabled in our surroundings, there are countless elements of distraction.

Begin setting things right by switching off the TV. Ensure that whenever your child begins studying, no one watches TV in the house. At least, the noise of the TV shouldn’t be audible to the kid as it will keep on distracting him.

Similarly, shut down all smart devices, including mobile phones. If your kid owns a phone, put all his social media apps at snooze instead of taking it away. That’s because your child may need the phone for studying purposes or to confirm the details of an assignment with a friend. However, keep monitoring your child for any signs of excessive and unnecessary usage.

Search for Reference Books & Material

At times, the study material provided by the school may not suffice for your child. Think of it the same way as some students tend to understand better from different teachers.

For this very reason, encourage your child to explore different reference books and textbooks. If you cannot afford to buy all the books, you may consider acquiring good books online at competitive prices. From kids educational resources to the cheapest college textbooks, you will find them all at minimal costs online. 

Apart from this, you can encourage your child to make effective use of the internet as well. Several online platforms are providing phenomenal tutorials for various subjects. Also, note that the greater the reading of your child, the better he’ll perceive.

Setup a Dedicated Place

Another great way of enhancing your child’s learning experience is to help them focus by setting up a dedicated learning space. Either set up a study or work desk in their room or set up a separate study room wherein the lighting, setting, and environment complement their studying pattern. This place should be free of any distractions. 

Be it visual or auditory. The calmer it is, the better. Also, some researchers recommend assisting children’s learning experience with music they like. Remember, you need to make the environment comfortable, not restrictive.

Design a Study Plan with Short-term Goals

Most students procrastinate when it comes to studying. If they have five days for an assignment, they will end up completing it on the fifth day, just an hour before the deadline.

Now, such an approach, not only deteriorates the quality of their content in the assignment but also eliminates the learning factor from the assignment. They are only completing it.

Plus, it negatively impacts their mental health as well. That’s because they have underlying stress at the back of their mind constantly, and this ultimately creates a repulsion between developing minds and learning.

For that very reason, we advise creating a planner. Prioritize study goals with a deadline in sight. And if nothing is due then encourage your child to revise daily lessons, explore associated topics and domains. We do not recommend exceeding pace and covering their course line before other students in class. That’s because it will rob away the fun of learning at school. Thus, disturbing their focus. But constant revision should be encouraged. 

Take Notes & Keep Preparing for Tests

Lastly, always encourage your child to take a step further when it comes to studying. Instead of only reading and doing what they are told to, they should explore and uncover more things they can learn.

For example, ask them to highlight important stuff as they read. It will help them prepare better. Ask them to make notes on a separate notebook using different colored markers so they have better retention. Similarly, you can facilitate them with sticky notes and bookmarks to mark important pages and paragraphs. In this way, they will take their reading and learning time more seriously.

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