How and When to Introduce Your Age Gap Relationships to Your Child: top 3 Books for Parents

If you’re a single parent with one or more children, there’s a high likelihood that, sooner or later, you’ll bump into someone, and chemistry will be kindled. While that’s going to be an exciting time for you guys, it’s only natural to be concerned about the impact on your current arrangement. How will your child react to this new person coming into their life? In the modern world, increasing numbers of couples are being drawn to what might be termed the ‘age gap dynamic.’ Should this add an extra layer of complication? Of course not. If you have worries about this eventuality, here’s an excellent tip. Use the power of storytelling to ease your little ones into the new partnership. Here’s a guide for any age gap situation: how to instigate a get-together in the first place and how to then broach this topic with your child. We’ll top this information off with a list of cracking reads that will help pave the way for happiness.

How to Meet a Cougar

For the uninitiated, cougars are mature single women who exude sensuality and intelligence. Their fearless nature is one reason why they’ve been labeled ‘cougars’ rather than pussycats, but you can easily get acquainted with one of these charming ladies by going online. Your initial port-of-call should be a cougar dating website where younger dudes can introduce themselves to a variety of single older women. Each of these captivating females will have uploaded their contact details because they’re eager to commit to an age-gap romance. What’s more, these prospective partners are liable to enjoy the finer things in life, such as tasty wines and thought-provoking literature.

Planning Shared Fun

There might be some anxiety surrounding broaching the subject of a new relationship with kids, especially if there’s any sort of age difference. But it’s worthwhile keeping in mind that kids are incredibly open-minded. Try engaging with their imagination, and nowhere is this better achieved than through literature. Children of all ages love reading, and there are so many titles you can use to get your messages across subtly. You might want to focus on some of the amazing things you could do together as a family. A recommended title would be A Beautiful Day, beautifully illustrated by Linda Pelz, written by Elana Bregin, and designed by Raeesah Vawda. This is all about family days out, featuring Nicholas, his kid sister, best buddy, Jacob, his parents, and a variety of animals, embarking on a picnic by the river. Going through this delightful tale with your children would implant ideas for great adventures for any family, let alone an age-gap relationship.

More Opportunities for Mature Relationships

Dating outlets are the ideal place to bond because they are based on compatibility. Once you’ve joined an age-gap platform, algorithms will steer you towards existing members within the extensive database sharing your interests. If you’ve stated you’re into reading, you might be given a shortlist of other users who identify. This brings us around to the question of when and how to introduce kids to an age-gap partner, using books to help. The best moment to do this is early on in the relationship. Honesty is always the best policy. Just be sure to impress on how important this new person in your life is to you, and by extension, to your loved ones, too. As for the books we promised to highlight, here they are.

Incredible You by Rhys Brisenden and Nathan Reed

Based on the aspirational legacy of the world-famous Dr. Seuss books, this paperback takes a bad day as its starting point. We’ve all had them. But this harnesses the potency of the creative mind to visualize yourself as someone else, such as a tiger or a gorilla. It adds layers: imagine if you were also a terrific singer or writer. This simple title is oozing with positivity, presenting opportunities to describe your new partnership in an energetic light.

Age Gap Relationships by Jill Pitkeathley and David Emerson

This book delves deeper into the subject, poring over the results of 50 interviews with partners within age-gap relationships of 10 years or more. There are handy hints from people with lived experience about how they dealt with explaining things to children.

Ella on the Outside by Cath Howe

This is a poignant book about Ella, the new girl at school with no friends – and an awful secret. When popular girl Lydia befriends her, she finds new options – but does she want to follow her head? A thoughtful tale with a big heart this can be used as an analogy for your scenario. You’re in a new place and will do what’s right to make the most of it!

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