How to Have a Private Life and Tell it to Your Child Later?

Being a parent is a difficult responsibility, and many of us are too familiar with it. Although you need to dedicate as much time to your children, remember that you have to take care of yourself. Having fun should always be an option for you, and we will look at ways you can do this without initially involving your child in the equation.

Online Dating: Balance Between Job & Private Life

If you are a single parent, you have probably decided that most of your time is dedicated to serving your child’s needs. That is exactly how it should be; however, you need to make room for self-care. One of the activities you can do privately is getting back out there with dating.

Online platforms have become the first-place single men and women with children go to seek a partner. If you are looking for something serious and don’t have time to use traditional methods, finding an appropriate website is your best option. Online dating platforms are becoming more mainstream.

By the way, according to Statista, there are more than 44 million users in the United States alone. So, dating platforms enable you to apply filters to your searches to find matches and forget about lonely nights. The importance of the search feature is that it will allow you to find a partner with qualities you find attractive and in your local area. Furthermore, you can narrow your search down to your locale. This means you have access to all the hopeful singles near you and can begin to initiate contact.

The fact that you are on a dating platform should be kept from your child, at least initially. This is because you need to be sure about the person you are dating before making the introduction. Take your time to evaluate your options, especially if a serious long-term relationship is your goal. When you are sure you’ve found the right person, proceed to tell your child and make the introduction.

Having the Full Conversation with Your Child

Sometimes it isn’t easy to convey certain emotions to kids in ways they’ll understand. You will probably run into this issue when you are ready to tell them about the person you are dating and how long you’ve been seeing them. Luckily there are different guides out there that can help you talk to your child.

For example, one of the best ways to prepare for the discussion is by reading some kids’ books. Children enjoy things explained to them in the simplest of ways, and if you can use their favorite books to do so, you’re in an even better position. Here are some of the best books to help you prepare for your conversation:

  1. Billy Knows a Secret: this is a story about emotions. And it explains why sometimes keeping a secret is the best way to protect yourself and someone you love.
  2. Teji’s Shadow: this book tells a story about conquering fear. Introducing your child to a new person can be a bit scary for them.
  3. What is love?: this is a children’s biography and can help you better to explain some of your emotions to your child.

Final Thoughts

As a single parent, knowing that your child is safe and well taken care of is your priority. It is also important to take care of yourself too. We have looked at a few books that can help you have that difficult conversation with your child. You deserve happiness, so don’t be afraid to make the first step.


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