How to Inspire Your Child to Read

Reading and words are such a wonderful gift for any child. It gives them an immersive world where their imagination can grow, and they can learn the ins and outs of the language. Encouraging a child to read and be inspired by books can be challenging, especially in today’s world where phones, computers, and screens are everywhere and unbelievably distracting. However, if you are hoping to encourage your child’s love for books and reading, there are several things you can do.

Books on Tape

If your child is always on the move and doesn’t sit down for prolonged periods, or even enough time to read a book, it is worth finding books on tapes. Nowadays, there are all sorts of devices, for example a tony box, that you can use to play audible stories and books to your kids. You can place these in a room with them while they are playing or doing something else. There are also devices on which you can record yourself telling a story and play that to your child. Having words and books read out loud while your child plays or falls asleep will engender some sot of engagement with the literary world. It will also help encourage their imagination and language faculties since words are so important for young kids.

Encourage a Reading Hour

Encouraging your child to have a reading hour is extremely important. It will cultivate a reading practice in them from an early age. In this hour, you and your child can wind down, get comfortable and read books together. If they can read, you can sit with them while they read out loud to you. Understandably an hour is a long time; however, it is good practice to carve out an hour in the day in which books surround them, and all screens are off and elsewhere.

One way to encourage a reading hour is to reward kids for engaging in books. Furthermore, talking to children about why they enjoy the books they are reading and immerse them in the characters they love is a great way to encourage their passion. To do this, you could buy them toys of their favorite character or take them out to see real-world representations of these characters. For example, if your child loves Thomas the Tank Engine, take them to see some trains.

Give Books as Gifts

Finally, if you give books as gifts, you can cultivate a passion for reading. Books are perfect gifts for kids because recipients can indulge in the words on the page and help inspire their imagination. Often children’s books come in series, so you can reward your child by allowing them to choose the next gift in the series. Hopefully, your child will relish the opportunity to receive books as gifts, which is ultimately the gift that keeps on giving.

A child passionate about reading will have a vivid and fantastic imagination. It is never too early to cultivate this passion.


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