smile please

Smile Please – An endearing short tale about a little fawn running too fast. A great story for very young children, and the simple repetitive text is suitable for those learning to read. Another beautiful creative commons book from StoryWeaver and Pratham. By: Sanjiv Jaiswal ‘Sanjay’, Ajit Narayan, Manisha Chaudhry   Text and Images from Smile Please A fawn …

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coral reefs

Facts on coral reefs, presented in a medium length non-fiction book, with beautiful colour photographs. Another great Creative Commons book from open equal free, classified by OEF as Level 4. By: Megan Smith, Elissa Alvey, Dane Stogner     Text and Images from Coral Reefs Coral Reefs Level 4 A coral reef is a like an …

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sea stars

An early non-fiction book for younger children about the fascinating topic of sea stars. In the beautiful photos we can see so many pretty colours of these beautiful star shaped creatures, and short text is perfect to introduce new science and nature topics to younger children. A great follow up book for an outing to the aquarium …

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sarbassts tales 3

Sarbasst’s Tales 3 – Enjoy the spirit of friendship with Bam, Amy, and friends, and have a wonderful day. Another great book from Sarbasst at Sarbasst’s Tales. By: Sarbasst Braian     Read along with the video of Sarbasst’s Tales 3, read by Kiwi Opa See more books from the Author below    

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what if

What If – Have you ever wondered: What If….? The ultimate childhood question, and the beginnings of potentially solving all the problems in the world. If we only remembered ‘what if….’ more often! Another great Creative Commons book from BookDash. By: Mary-Anne Hampton, Cristy Zinn, Julie Smith-Belton   Text and Images from What If…? Nandi sat on …

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danny the dragon

Danny the Dragon was always causing problems with his fire, so the other dragons decide to teach him a lesson. An unlikely friend helps him out. This picture book is a cute and fun rhyming dragon tale with wonderful colourful illustrations. Another great free kids book provided in creative commons by StoryWeaver and Pratham. By: Rasana Atreya …

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Why Can't We Glow Like Fireflies

Why Can’t We Glow Like Fireflies – Why does a fire fly glow? A fun non-fiction book packed with interesting facts about fireflies, and includes a fact summary and three suggested activities. Another great creative commons book from Storyweaver and Pratham Books. By: Nabanita Deshmukh and Samidha Gunjal  

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mine wants aride

Minny Wants a Ride – Minny sees the chair and wants a ride – is she injured, or disabled, or lazy? Or is it just in her nature? A public domain book from Pratham. By: Pratham Public Domain       See more books about diversity and differences below    

its all the cats fault

It’s All The Cat’s Fault a classic variation of “the dog ate my homework” for cat lovers, perfect for getting children to read who hate homework. Another great creative commons book from Pratham / Storyweaver. The dog ate his homework but why it is the cats fault? Read this story and witness the series of …

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fat king thin dog

The fat king Thin Dog – The Fat King chases a thin dog – what happens, will he stay a fat king? A short fun book for young children. The short length, large text, and repetition makes it very nice for early readers. Another great free Creative Commons children’s story from Pratham and Story Weaver. By: Parismita …

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