Mirror, Mirror – Poetry for confidence in children

mirror mirror confidence in childrenConfidence in children is what this poetry book aims to inspire, promoting self-esteem and healthy thinking. The collection of 27 poems from acclaimed authors, highly experienced educators, and award-winning poets, along with bonus material including journal questions to help inspire good attitudes, positive feelings, and more confidence in children.

Preview Of Poetry Book Mirror, Mirror. Poems about self-confidence created especially for children.

Why This Poetry Book?


Confidence in Children

Globally there is an urgent need for books that reach children on their level in confidence, and 21 award-winning poets, writers and experts have come  together on a wonderful variety of excellent and beautifully crafted poems on the theme of confidence and self-esteem for children. Each writer donated 1-3 poems to the cause. People have been calling  the contributors “the inspired movement”.

The teacher/parent or child can also read the very personal revelations generously shared by each poet as to how issues of self-esteem and self-confidence  have appeared in each of their lives. Some poems are for the reader to decide, and some poets have used power questions in the book to get the child thinking or doing.

In addition there is also a valuable journal of power questions at the end of the poetry book to use everyday for self- confidence and self-esteem.

The book is aimed at children themselves and/or via parents/teachers or carers. We feel this theme really matters to children and can be accessed  more easily through poetry. The poetry book is from the heart, as we stronglly believe in its very important premise.

Award-Winning Poets, Writers And Experts Included, and the poems in this book are:

  • Nicholas Allan – a.The Vest b. Pants
  • Steve Bowkett – a. Dear Steve
  • Ann Bryant – a. Dora The Dancer b. Nico,The Naturalist
    c. Finn Is Over The Moon
  • Jane Clarke – a. Finding A Friend
  • Sonia Dixon mbe – a. Feelings
  • Alan Durant – a.The Thought – Football
  • Sandra Horn – a. Song b. Ruling The World c. Stars
  • Ellie Irving – a. Self-Esteem
  • Lily Jensen – a. Your Divine Self
  • John F Mcdonald – a. Almost Weightless
  • Tony Mitton – a. Solo Song
  • Michaela Morgan – a. Choosing And Losing
  • Brian Moses – a. Where Dreams Begin
  • Michael Neill – a. Possibilities
  • Jenny Nimmo – a. Magic Is In My Head
  • Guy Parker-Rees – a. Cheeky Monkey
  • Brian Patten – a. You Can’t Be That
  • Tim Pond – a. Sempre Stimmung
  • Merlynda K. Robinson (LLAM) – a. The Vain Stag
  • Dr. Joseph S. Rubino – a. The Angel’s Visit
    b. The Day In The Life Of The Resigned
  • John Townsend – a. The Simple Proof b. Being A Genius
  • Bonus Gift Illustration
  • Conclusion
  • Journal Power Questions

<End of sample from Mirror, Mirror – Poetry for confidence in children>

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