Music Fundamentals 2 Rhythm and Meter – middle-grade music theory

Music Theory Introduction for middle-grade - rhythm and meterMusic Fundamentals Rhythm and Meter is the second book in the introductory music theory textbooks, perfect for beginners. This book includes practice exercises and so makes a nice workbook for school, homeschool, or music teachers. The level of this book makes it suitable for middle grades but can be used as a reference for any music learners. This is the second book in the Music Fundamentals series and covers Rhythm and Meter.

Collection Editor: Terry B. Ewell

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Music Fundamentals Rhythm and Meter

Chapter 1.2 The length of a Note

most common note lengths

The simplest-looking note, with no stems or flags, is a whole note. All other note lengths are defined by
how long they last compared to a whole note. A note that lasts half as long as a whole note is a half note.

A note that lasts a quarter as long as a whole note is a quarter note. The pattern continues with eighth notes,
sixteenth notes, thirty-second notes, sixty-fourth notes, and so on, each type of note being half the length of the previous type. ( there are no such thing as third notes, sixth notes, tenth notes, etc.; See Dots, ties, and Borrowed Divisions (Chapter 3) to find out how notes of unusual lengths are written.)

rhythm and meter

You may have noticed that some of the eighth notes in Figure 1.4 don’t have flags; instead they have a beam connecting them to another eighth note. If flagged notes are next to each other, their flags can be replaced by beams that connect the notes into easy-to-read groups.

The beams may connect notes that are all in the same beam, or, in some vocal music, they may connect notes that are sung on the same text syllable. Each note will have the same number of beams as it would have flags.

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