Mystic Moon Saves the Day – Animal Story

This is the second book by Frank Meintjies here at Free Kids Books, his first book is Teacher Owl’s Class.

This book is perfect for introducing chapter books for children.



Text From Mystic Moon Saves the Day – Animal stories for kids

Mystic Moon wandered the Magaliesberg hills for many days and many months. In this time, he had seen no other wolves. He had come across some lions but kept his distance. Now and again they growled at him from a distance as he moved between the age-old brown rocks and the vegetation bushes, grass, wild flowers. At other times, careful to stay downwind, he came close to the lions, just watching them and getting to know the other animals in the area. He loved climbing to the crest in the afternoon light.

One day he noticed two young lions playing on the hillside, moving higher and higher up in the folds between the crag. His eyes drifted to some eagles circling a few miles west. He also saw a few grey clouds drifting in and wondered if rain would come. When he turned back to look at the cubs, they were perched on a narrow ledge. Below them, the valley fell away, hundreds of feet. He could see no adult lions nearby.

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Reading time: approximately 15 minutes; Word count: 1085 words.

Copyright notes: this text may be copied for educational purposes, otherwise all rights are reserved by the author.


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