Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

princess rose and the golden birdThe beautiful Princess Rose and her golden bird sang a lullaby every evening, and all the people in the kingdom fell asleep and dreamed sweet dreams until the break of dawn. But one day something terrible happened. An evil witch learned about Princess Rose and decided to curse her…

A classical style fairy tale full of romance and triumph of good over evil.

By: Sergey Nikolov

Recommended by the author for ages 4 to 12, and of course for lovers of fairytales of all ages.


Many years ago, there lived in a kingdom, far far away, a beautiful princess. She had long red hair and loved roses so much everyone called her princess rose.
Every evening after dusk she went out on the balcony and clapped her hands. A golden bird came out of nowhere and alighted on her shoulder. Instantly the princess’s hair began to shine, ablaze with brilliant red light. <End of Page 1>

About the Author: 

Sergey Nikolov was born in 1980 under the sign of the Scorpion. He lives in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria with his wife and our daughter, Eva. Sergey is a government employee, but in his free time he likes to write, and to enjoy life. Sergey’s adventure into children’s books began almost as a joke in 2009, when he published his first children’s stories on some free Bulgarian websites, just for fun. A few years later, with the unbelievable comments received from both children and their parents, Sergey began to think more seriously about his books. Forced to consider that he had created something worthwhile, he was encouraged to develop his ideas and stories adding illustrations to them, and thus creating the book you see here on our site.
Check out Sergey’s book Children’t Stories with a Moral, on our home page.


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  • We need to be kind and helpful. l learned about teamwork.I liked the part when they were together.

  • Interested to read the book

  • Very nice book

  • […] to them, and thus creating the book you see here on our site. Check out Sergey’s book Princess Rose And The Golden Bird, also available on our books page. Spread the […]

  • Dear author I really liked your book and would love to read it again and I really like princess books that’s why I read this book from Taylor Finlay.

  • Shaun writes:
    My children really loved this story particularly as our surname is Rose.

    ygcsufgsufgsk writes:

    Michelle writes:
    My daughters loved this story, especially when the Prince came into it.

    Ashura writes:
    so so so cool, my daughter can’t get enough!!!

    Zara writes:
    Excellent, wonderful. marvelous! I loved it!

    Romello jose puente writes:
    i like it is great book ever in my life.

  • Jj writes:
    I really like it sweet

    disha writes:
    I love this story

    Madison writes:
    I am ten years old and I loved it. It was enchanting. Think you for a good night story.

    macayla writes:

  • Danielle (Site Editor) writes:
    My daughter enjoyed this book, she loved the scary witch, and of course the beautiful princess and the roses. It was a good length for a bed time story and flowed well.

    Kapoor writes:
    Lovely !!

    Tina writes:
    Wow!!!!! I am in love with this book.

    sergey nikolov writes:
    Thank you so much for the nice words !

    rosa writes:
    i like this book,this web thank you so much

    Disha writes:
    Nice words…..charming imagination !!

    Jasmin attard writes:
    I loved this book ,it has a wonderful story but why did the prince and princess when they were kids they took a piece of hair of each other that was my only question about this book because the rest was amazing

    Sergey Nikolov writes:
    Jasmin, thank you so much for the nice words … About what you did not understand … you talk about this passage: “Everyone gasped in astonishment, and the King asked the prince, “Young man, where did you find that red hair?” “When the princess and I were both children, I picked a single strand of hair from her head as a sign of my loyalty to her. And she did the same to me, pulling out a strand of my own hair.” as a sign of loyalty (fidelity) … ” This was an innocent child’s play, but with great importance for the future of the kingdom. 🙂 Jasmin, I hope I’ve been helpful and thank you once again for the nice words.


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