Prism Palace – STEM stories for girls

Author Cindi Leacock, Illustrator Ray Meenan




Sample from Prism Palace

“Come inside my palace,”  said the fairy as she pulled on a crystal door knob. The hallway inside was enormous and blazing with lights of every color. With these words the adventure for Tess Renee begins.



<End of Sample>

About the Author

The author, Cindi Leacock is a science writer who is passionate about teaching science to children. This book makes a wonderful STEM book for girls too, since the main character is a little girl, and there is wonderful fairytale style explanations.

Take a trip with her inside a prism, and skate with her on a ray of light. Meet an amazing
elf and learn his special name. Prism Palace combines the excitement of an adventure story with science knowledge
about light and wavelengths, a treasure for every child’s library.

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