Sami’s Beach Rescue – Help promote water safety!

Sami and his family take a trip to the sea, but when things take a turn for the worse, Sami’s quick thinking and recollection of his water safety training are put to the test. Will “Float to Live” save the day?

This beautifully illustrated book combines adventure and suspense with essential water safety lessons for young readers.

This edition is an early release for drowning awareness week – share this book for improved water safety for everyone!

Sample Page from Sami’s Beach Rescue:

Water Safety Lessons:

See more books from the author and some water safety resources at the author’s website:

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  • I also think it is a GREAT message! And can be useful for adults and children, expressed well and entertaining. Congrats on all the 5*s.

  • As a parent of a 7 year old, I highly recommend this book for its water safety lessons. The book tells children how to stay safe around water.
    The story follows Sami, as he gets swept out to sea in a current. He can swim but has never gone in the sea before and didn’t know what to do in the waves. As he gets carried out he remembers what he has learnt from TV and realises he has to Float to Live. Meanwhile his family raises the alarm and the helicopters and boats are sent out to search for him. Luckily he is found safely and brought back to the beach where he is reunited with his family. The book is set in the UK I think but this doesn’t change the message.
    I liked reading this with my daughter as we could talk about what she could do if she found herself in a similar situation. She came up with some good questions and was still talking about it for several days after. I like how the book has extra information at the end to help reinforce the safety message. The pictures were cute and my daughter liked spotting all the different things on the pages. What I liked is how it is still a friendly story whilst sharing an important message. Definitely worth downloading this free book and sharing with your child.


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