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 solar system wikijunior ebook downloadSolar system Wikijunior ebook is a text book on the solar system for upper elementary and middle school, this book has tons of facts on the solar system presented in an appealing way, easy for children to understand.

The Solar System Wikijunior book is a creative commons book, so all text can be reused and republished, providing the resulting work is released in the same way.



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Sample Text from the Solar System Wikijunior book


This is a project of Wikijunior, a collection of free books written especially for kids to learn about science and nature. Many people have been involved with writing this book. This project is hosted on Wikibooks, and you are encouraged to help participate with writing and editing these books.


What This Book Will Cover
There are several short articles that will cover each of the planets and many other bodies of the Solar System. Information that will be interesting to kids will be discussed. In addition, some general topics will be added that aren’t specifically about an individual planet or moon of the Solar System.


Solar System
People have been watching the sky for thousands of years and wondered exactly what is out there. With advances in telescopes as well as spaceships which have physically traveled to various planets, a considerable amount of knowledge has been obtained to better understand the universe near to us.
The name of our system comes from the old latin word for the Sun: Sol. Because the Sun is the largest object in the system and all the other bodies orbit around it, it became known as the Solar system.


What is the Solar System?
At the center of the Solar System is the Sun. This is but one of billions of stars in the sky, but is important to us as it gives us warmth and energy for us to use. There are many worlds that are near the Sun, each of them are as different as you can possibly imagine. All of these worlds that either orbit the Sun or orbit a planet going around the Sun make up what we call the Solar System. As you read each of the sections about these different worlds, we will explore the differences between all of these worlds, and hopefully you will understand how unique and special the Earth is as well.

<End of sample text>

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