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Sample Text from The Middle Ages


Welcome to the Middle Ages 2
To the Manor Born 10
Gloomy Castles and Jousting Knights 18
Merchants, Markets, and Mud: Towns in the Middle Ages 28
The Power of the Church 38
1066: The Battle that Changed History 48
Henry II and Law and Order 58
The Wayward King: King John and Magna Carta 68
A Changing World 78

Selections for enrichment

The Canterbury Tales: Selection I 88
The Canterbury Tales: Selection II 96 105

Chapter 1 Welcome to the Middle Ages

If you know anything about knights, castles, or Robin Hood, then you already know something about the Middle Ages in Europe. The Middle Ages may seem to be an unusual name for a historical period— especially one that lasted for more than 1,000 years. People in the Middle Ages did not know they were in the middle of anything. They thought they were modern—just as you and
I do today. In fact, the Middle Ages was not a phrase used by the people who lived during that time period. It is a term modern historians use today to refer to that time period between ancient and modern times.

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