Welcome to my Home – A picture book about being tidy

This picture book is perfect for early readers, to keep them interested while learning new words to further progress their vocabulary.

Written by Yan Li, Illustrated by Louli El CHayal



Sample Text from Welcome to my Home – A picture book about being tidy

<End of page 2 of Welcome to my home>

Approximate reading time – 15-20 minutes, 34 pages of text.

Click on the links below the post to read the full text,  download or read the flipbook online.

About the Author – Yan Li

The author Yan Li always loves to write about humans beings and nature. Opening up nature to our children has many benefits. Embracing nature can show children the inner workings of life, and bring understanding and concern for our environment.
Children can also learn about love, friendship, self-sacrifice, and tolerance, and appreciate small things from exploring nature. In social insect colonies, worker bees devote their whole lives to work as gardeners and protect their hives and larva. Beetles have the greatest physical strength and act as the cleaners for nature.
Because Yan Li’ s book is written in two languages, English and Chinese, it is also a great choice for the language-learners. Her other books for children in- clude: If a bird can’t fly, The small world, Let’s sing you home, I’m the night king, Tree of life and What’s the best costume.


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