What Are The Best Books For Children To Help Them Learn, Read, And Write?

The evolution of humans has always implied good education and upbringing. Our children are the future and it is fair to say that all parents in the world know that. Kids are often unable to learn and master new things by themselves. That’s why they need proper guidance from their parents so they can grow and develop in the right way. Besides, a piece of advice that our mother and father can give us is that books are the best sources of getting the knowledge from. At a young age, when nothing is easy and you completely depend on others, books will provide you with the proper direction. A lot of children like books because they can truly speed up their reading, writing, and learning skills. So, let’s take a look at what are the best books they can use to boost those skills.

  1. Peppa Pig: Practice With Peppa: Wipe-Clean First Writing

Writing is one of the basic things that kids have to learn in their childhood. It is one of the representatives of literacy, besides reading, and speaking. This is an activity that a lot of kids learn pretty quickly. According to the experts, they usually start writing their first words that make sense at the age of 3. This is typically a period when they begin to show the first signs of writing skills. Of course, some children may be born like a genius. Speaking of it, parents can be blessed to bring to the world such a child that stands out from their peers. Those kids frequently develop talents quickly, even without help from others. Anyways, handwriting is unique for any individual. And the book called “Peppa Pig: Practice With Peppa: Wipe-Clean First Writing” is an excellent choice to start writing. We gain our handwriting by writing some shapes without a certain pattern but soon they turn to words. Children need to build it and also gain the preference about whether they will be right or left-handed. Sometimes this goes with the genes but it is not necessarily the case. Usually, we stick with the hand that we start to write in the first place. However, it can change sometimes through our development.

  1. Big Machines – Read It Yourself With Ladybird: Level 2

Another skill that is important for the right evolution of children in reading. As individuals, we have to know how to read, right? Well, this is something that we start to do when we are about 6 or 7 years old. It is a common period of life when reading comes next on the list to master. Reading is an inseparable part of literacy that allows us to learn things just by looking at them as they are written. The book called “Big Machines – Read It Yourself With Ladybird: Level 2” is 32 pages in length and was published in 2015. Basically, it is about trucks that have a mission to lift the rocks from the street. It can be beneficial for the kids to start reading as it is a simple piece of text designed specifically to help them learn how to read correctly. Even though this book is recommendable to help the children read, it can also let them learn new things. Through reading it, they are getting familiar with the vehicles like trucks, bulldozers, and diggers.

  1. Wipe-Clean First Spelling: Start School With Topsy And Tim

Another amazing book printed by Ladybird that kids can use anytime is “Wipe-Clean First Spellings: Start School With Topsy And Tim”. It is a book published in 2016 with only 16 pages in length. Spelling is one of the skills that children need to get to perfection. This piece of text is designed to help them just on that. Spelling is an important part of peoples’ knowledge about grammar. That’s why even high school students have dictations as part of their language subjects. This book can be useful for kids to master their spellings as it consists of many different basic nouns, verbs, and phrases. Furthermore, children can bump into a little bit harder examples that will push them to the limits. Either way, it is a great sample of the text that will boost their spelling by far.

  1. First 100 Words

This book written by Roger Priddy is one of the most interesting books related to children’s learning of the words. An essay from examiners online is the place where you can see what others think about this theme. Understandably, essays are made for much older people but there are a lot of comments and shared opinions about almost every topic you might be interested in. The point of Roger Priddys’ book is to help the youngest ones learn 100 words that are the most common. Also, it contains a list of 100 photos that are colored which can particularly attract the attention of the kids.

  1. The Big Book Of Silly Jokes For Kids (Series)

It is good for us if we manage to build some sense of humor at a young age. Being funny from time to time is always nice. This story written by Carole P. Roman contains a series of books related to the jokes. She created them for the kids from age 6 to 12. The point is not only to teach children some hilarious jokes but also to tickle their imagination and improve their reading capabilities. Jokes in these books often have riddles and tongue twisters that can also improve the childrens’ clarity of speaking.


It is fair to say that books are the most meritorious for peoples’ education. Regardless of the ages, we use them to absorb the knowledge from their pages and learn something new and interesting. Especially if it is about the children, they are highly recommended to be used as soon as possible. Parents need to be aware of its significance and teach their toddlers the right values on time so they can develop and grow undisturbed.

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