Yes, That’s My Mother! – Maths stories for elementary school

Maths stories for elementary schoolIn “Yes, That’s My Mother!” we learn some important subtle maths lessons while at the supermarket with a young girl and her mother. First she’s embarrassed by her mother’s behaviour, but then, in the end, she is proud. A wonderful story about how to recognise that standing out and being different is not a bad thing, and about learning maths, with some explanations for maths lessons in the back. This book makes a perfect study lesson plan all in one, from reading to understanding practical maths, it also makes some nice examples for lessons which children can do when at the supermarket, for example comparing different quantities and the relative prices for different sizes. Best with a calculator, but for an extra challenge try some mental arithmetic when next at the supermarket.

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Text and Images from “Yes, That’s My Mother!”

Here she goes again, I thought. That was Saturday.

You’d think it would be safe to stand in line for movie tickets.

But no such luck. My mother just HAD to INTERVIEW the whole family in front of us while we waited. By the time she finished she knew that they had relatives in Brazil, a dog named Fish (I’m NOT making this up!), and that they had already seen the movie twice.

I was wishing for a place to hide, as usual. Also as usual, someone–this time it was the boy behind us–asked, “Is that your mother?”

“Yes, that’s my mother,” I replied, rolling my eyes.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I love my mother. But she’s just so INTERESTED in everything. It’s embarrassing.

And then there are all the things that other people don’t even NOTICE but really get HER going.

I can give you a perfect example–grocery shopping. What could be simpler? You write out your list, go up and down the aisles filling your cart with stuff you need, pay, and leave. Ha! Not with MY mother.

We went to the supermarket Tuesday just before dinner. We didn’t even have a list––we only needed a dozen large eggs, a quart of skim milk, and a cantaloupe.

We got the milk first. No problem. I was getting hopeful that this would be just an ordinary shopping event, like the ones that happen in other families.

Next the eggs. There was an old woman taking 2 dozen small eggs for 69 cents a dozen when the 1 and 1⁄2 dozen carton of large eggs was $1.19.

Maths stories for elementary schoolOh, no! Trouble! I thought.

<End of page 2 of “Yes, That’s My Mother!”>

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