Zoophabet – An Alphabet That’s Hungrier Than Most

zoophabet alphabet alliterationAlice admires African ants. Bernard goes bonkers for banana bread. Coco is crazy about cotton candy…Enjoy this fun alphabet alliteration ebook for children to identify with letter sounds and shapes.

Each letter-shaped animal has its own idea of what makes a good snack. Kids may think some of their choices sound really yummy and that others are just plain disgusting (- which is just as entertaining!) Either way, learning about the Zoophabet characters’ favourite foods is a great way to add a little life to learning the alphabet, and the alliteration is a fun touch for young children learning phonics.

Author: Janine Lazur

Sample text from Zoophabet: 

Alice Bernard Coco

These are some of the lowercase Zoophabets.
Come and meet them and find out what they like to eat.zoophabet alphabet alliteration

This is Alice. Alice admires (and then eats) African ants.

This is Bernard. Bernard goes bonkers over banana bread.


<End of Page 6>

See the colouring book fo the zoophabet beasties for alphabet alliteration also free here at FKB –


About the Author: Janine Lazur works as an advertising art director. She started the Zoopha characters, a side project, as hand-drawn/hand-painted animal alphabet names to give as gifts when family or friends had a new baby. This grew into two full books about the Alphabeasties. Her initial distribution method is giving away the e-versions of my books to help develop the series and find ways to use the Zoopha characters for education, please pass on this link on to other parents, friends or teachers.

Thanks Janine for making these awesome books free!

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  • As I read this book to my one year old son, It gave us both some laughs. I enjoyed reading him this book and will add it to our bookshelf as one to continue to read over the years!

  • Danielle writes:
    I love these characters, the illustrations and alliteration is beautiful. My daughter is a little young, but I can’t wait for her to try this out for learning the letters.

    That Guy with the Glasses writes:
    The second book I read here was Zoophabet: An Alphabet Hungrier Than Most. This is a great way to teach young school-age children their alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is creatively rendered using an animal telling you about their favorite food. This book is also available in coloring book format. This is particularly effective in that each page can be printed off multiple times allowing your child to get creative without fear of ruining the book.

    retno writes:
    Thank you for the beautiful stories. My children loved them so much

    Melissa writes:


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