All About Seals

all about sealsAll About Seals – A non-fiction book about seals, aimed at 5-7 year olds (Grade 1-2), including lots of facts about seals and sea lions and some very cute photos. This book is open source and is available for free distribution under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License.

By: Zehnya Bruckert and Danielle Bruckert


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Comments 1

  • Emma writes:
    – I thought that it is really good and it is all about seals and the English language …. – jeg syntes at den er rigtig god og den er handler om seals og det er engelsk sprog….

    Treshawn Jones writes:
    i loved all the seals thanks

    Seal writes:
    Soooooo cute!!!! I love it because there are good facts in it. (ZB – Age 8)

    Reader writes:
    Hi! What a wonderful book! Thanks for writing and making it happen!