Bhabhloo Bear’s Adventure – A Beautiful Children’s Story

In Bhabhloo Bear’s Adventure, life for Bhabloo Bear is full of twists and turns, and he moves forward with leaps and bounds… literally! Join him on his thrilling nocturnal adventure and find out many secrets about Himalayan bears.

This is a Level 3 book for children who are ready to read on their own, or as a longer book for parents and older siblings to read to children in early grades.

Author: Paro Anand
Illustrator: Suvidha Mistry

Text and Images from the Book:


High up on the snowy mountains of the Himalayas lived the beautiful little Bhabhloo Bear.

Bhabhloo Bear’s fur was long, black and shiny, with not even one white hair on it.

Bhabhloo was a very, very naughty bear, loved by everyone in the jungle, but most of all, by his mother. But he was really very naughty.



From early morning to nightfall, Bhabhloo would jump and play and run through the jungle and his mother would call after him, “Bhabhloo, beta, don’t be so naughty.” “Bhabhloo, sit for a little while, rest a bit…”
“Oh no, Bhabhloo, you’ll get hurt, beta, be careful!” “Bhabhloo, it’s late now, it’s night time, go to sleep now, son…”

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