Naughty Or Not – Fun reading for toddlers

This is another great creative commons book from Pratham and Storyweaver.

Pratham’s Recommended Age Group: 3-6 years


Naughty or Not by Madhav Chavan
Illustrations: Rijuta Ghate

Text and Images from Naughty or Not

Yes, you are a good boy.

Am I a sweet girl?

Yes, sometimes you are
a sweet girl.

Is he a bad boy?

Yes, sometimes he is a bad boy.

Is she a naughty girl?

Sometimes she is very naughty.

Is he a quiet boy?

likes noise.

You are the best.


About Pratham

Pratham Books is a not for-profit publisher that produces high quality and affordable children’s books in English and Indian languages. Their digital branch Story-weaver has a range of wonderful books – translated into many languages and versions, since the CC license permits derivatives, and the site provides a great editor. Try making your own story, either a derrivitive or something completely new – cisit them at – then send us a copy and we’ll help you distribute it!

About Storyweaver

Pratham’s platform Storyweaver allows people to read, create, translate, and make variations of books. They have thousands of books, and images, which people can make their own books from and share them with others. All the books provided by Pratham are licensed as creative commons, that is they are free to be shared. The only restriction is that all resulting work must be shared in the same way, and due credit must be provided to the original creators (CC-BY-SA).

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This book is CC-BY-3.0 licensed.

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