Big Mac and Little Dipper: The Stair Case

big mac and little dipperThe Stair Case – Big Mac learns to face his fears, and to not judge by appearances, Little Dipper has fun helping Mac, and at the end of the adventure both are happy to find friendship. Kids book about two dogs and their adventures, the first in the series. Suitable for reading to 3-5, reading by 7-10.

Author: Danielle Bruckert


Sample text from The Stair Case:

Mac was a very big dog.
Mac lived in a house with a very small kitchen, where Mac loved to sleep on the cool floor.
This caused lots of problems.
End of Page 1

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  • I enjoyed the book because it showed that even if you’re small you can still be helpful.

    • Thanks so much Sylenya! Glad you enjoyed it. Of course, everyone can be helpful, no matter how big or small đŸ™‚ We just need to work on our strengths and leverage our weaknesses. It is amazing, I never thought of the aspect of Dipper’s size, Little Dipper never realised she was small either, despite her name. Again Thank-you, Danielle

  • The first book I read was Big Mac and Little Dipper: The Staircase. Anyone who has had an old dog and a puppy at the same time will be able to relate to this book. Big Mac just wants to be left alone and nap away the day, Little Dipper just wants to play. In order for both of them to get what they want they will have to work together. The writing style is simple enough for beginning readers, and the illustrations are simple and well done. You might just find yourself more free of the stairs than you thought in the beginning of this book. (courtesy of