Chuskit Goes To School

chuskit goes to schoolChuskit Goes To School – Chuskit is 9 years old, and yearns to go to school, but because of her disability she cannot. After learning about human rights at the local school, Abdul, initiates an effort to change this. Everyone who wants to learn should have access to an education. A beautifully illustrated and heart warming story, set in Tibet with elements of cultural awareness and local terms introduced, which are explained at the end of the book. This book is a public domain book from Pratham Books, and should be shared to help people understand about disabilities and to help promote the basic right to an education for everyone.

By: Sujatha Padmanabhan and Madhuvanti Anantharajan

Text and Images from Chuskit Goes To School

Chuskit Goes To SchoolChuskit woke up early that morning. It was a very sepcial day and she was too excited to sleep. She eagerly looked out of the room, through the windows next to her bed. It was spring time in Ladakh and the apricot trees were in full bloom. Two magpies had already begun their day and were busy looking for insects to eat. Her Ama-ley was awake too. She could hear her in the kitchen, making gur-gur tea.

Chuskit Goes To School

Chuskit had been awake for the last hour. THis was a day she was going to remember for a long time. Can you guess why?

No, it was not Losar, the New Year festival. That was many months away.

Nor was it any special day in her village, like the gonpa festival, or a wedding day.

Today was going to be Chuskit’s first day at school. At nine years, she had waited a long, long time for this.

Chuskit Goes To School

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Comments 2

  • Beautiful book that teaches inclusion of special needs children! The plot is in a non western cultural setting, which would make it fun for children to learn about other cultures as well! Enjoyed reading it 🙂

  • A really well written and illustrated book, and an insight into other cultures and difficulties, and the obstacles to education some suffer. Promoting reading, values, and helping others, great book!