Keeper Nakita and her Elephants – Phonics based early reader

This book is an early reader, designed to build confidence on simple words that can be sounded out using phonics.

The book is made available to FKB by Bookbot –, an app that provides an interactive reading tool for children learning to read.


Sample Text from Keeper Nakita and her Elephants

Nakita is an animal keeper and she loves her job. She looks after animals all day.
Nakita likes all animals but she likes elephants best.

Nakita loves seeing elephants swing their trunks, stamp in mud, and spray dirt and dust.




Nakita keeps elephants for a short time to help them get better. Her elephants are hurt
and need care. This elephant had a sore foot.

This elephant had a skin problem. This elephant got sick.



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The reading time for this book is around 5 minutes for a fluent reader, learners may take around 10-20 minutes.

Read along with this book on the following video:

More about Bookbot

This book was brought to us by Bookbot, See more of Bookbot books and find out about the Bookbot app for reading independently at their website.

This book is another great free book brought to us by Bookbot. Bookbot is an app that helps children learn to read independently.

See more of Bookbot’s books on FKB in the Bookbot category, or visit the Bookbot website.


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