Cats! An early reader about cats – for cat lovers

Cats! An early reader about catsCats! Provides an early reader about cats for cat lovers everywhere. See all the cats and follow their adventures in simple phrases and words for learning and progressive readers.

Cat lovers will enjoy this beautifully photographed children’s picture book.

Cats! is a Bookbot book, Bookbot is an app that helps children learn to read independently by listening and correcting them, without the pressure of an observer.




Sample Text from Cats! – early reader about cats

A cat is out in the garden. It likes the garden. It can feel the wind on its whiskers and paws. It is looking for some fun.

early reader about cats

A cat up a tree! It can keep an eye on things from up high. Cats feel safe when they can see what is going on.

<End of Page 2 of 19 from Cats! sample text>

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More about Bookbot

This book was brought to us by Bookbot, See more of Bookbot books and find out about the Bookbot app for reading independently at their website.

This book is another great free book brought to us by Bookbot. Bookbot is an app that helps children learn to read independently.

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  • A perfect book for my little student! She likes cats so much. And the text is nor too complicated, neither primitive. Very nice photos and pictures!

  • I like this book because I like cats.

  • Hello one and all. I currently reside in Hai Phong, Vietnam and have found this of such assistance. I have elected to share my English language with mothers and classes of three children in the hope of these mothers then going on to share with their communities. Whilst I still have to convert each word to Vietnamese, plus phonic introduction to maintain interest as curiosity this Website has been invaluable. When I return to my home in Australia I will leave with a sense of showing the available tools and what can be possible. Not all can afford English lessons so Free sites are so welcome. Regards. C. Arrrowsmith. Aussie Gal. Empowering through knowledge.

  • Because I love cats.


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