Knight with a Heart – EFT for Children

Ognjen Livada and Margareta Persic


Sample Text from Knight with a Heart

The Mighty Dragon destroyed the town,
The Knight with the Sword went to hunt him down. The Girl with a Pen started to write:
Tap your problems away with your fingers and heart!

“Where is my sword?” shouted the Knight,
“I need it right now for my new ght.
I am angry as should I be,
Bring me my sword or trouble there will be!”

When the Girl with the Pen saw the furious Knight,
She grasped the side of her other hand and held it tight. This helped her to remain calm
And confront the Knight on his furious tone.

<End of Page 2>

Example of the EFT Techniques taught in the book:

Three times the Knight said while tapping his hand: “Even though I feel anger because I can’t nd my sword, I am still a good Knight, from my head to my toes.”
“Now tell me more about the problem that’s on your mind And tap along the points at least 2 times.”
Top of the Head: I needed my weapon
Eyebrow: That’s what I say
Side of the Eye: Or else how can I fight
Under the Eye: Mighty Dragon the Great?
Under the Nose: I can’t find my sword
Chin: And angry I am
Collarbone: And I will be angry Under the Arm: Till the end of the day!


About EFT

EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques, and is based on tapping pressure points while repeating a phrase intended to acknowledge, accept, and release negative emotions. There is great benefit in teaching children methods to handle their emotions early so they can become healthy well adjusted adults.


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  • This was an excellent read. My son enjoyed it so much he’s using it for his summer book project.

  • excellent book . so in love with the book .

  • Help please? I’d love to check out the book, and can see the descriotion and comments, but not sure how to access the book. Help? THanks!

    • Hi Katie, the book should open with the “read online” button, if not try the “download pdf” button, if it also doesn’t work right click it and save the pdf – you will then need to open it from the folder you saved it to. Assuming your on a pc…mine seems to work for this book, it will take a while especially if you have a low speed connection, hope you come right.

  • Your book is very good. Thank you for your book soooo much. I enjoy your book soo much 🙂

  • Simple and positive!

  • The story has some excellent messages to readers about the power of unconditional love and dealing with anger. The illustrations are adorable and convey the concept with clarity, and breathe life into the scenes and characters. The story also encourages readers to be patient and remain calm in all situations. It’s a good storybook for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries, and parents and grandparents can read it out to their children and grandchildren at night. Books like this are good for children to help them understand and practice the message or the concept with ease when narrated with the help of a story and illustrations.
    Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite


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