Monkey Stuff – A rhyming counting book for numbers 1 to 10

Monkey Stuff counting bookMonkey Stuff is an adorable tale of a naughty cheeky little monkey, who keeps taking things that are not his. The rhyming story works through numbers one to ten, with endearing colourful illustration on each of the 24 pages. Suitable for pre-schoolers learning to count, and also for learning to read age children to read to their younger siblings.

Young children will encounter the numbers 1 to 10, a naughty little monkey, lots of familiar animals, people and objects and a funny rhyming text.
Elements include: a crocodile, a lion, a dog, a princess, an ant, a cow, a baker, an apple tree, a horse and a bird.

Sample Text from Monkey Stuff

There was a cow, she had one bell.
She always wore it, but then day, well…

A little monkey,
Brown and cheeky,

Stole that bell,
‘Cos he was sneaky!

There was a dog,
He had two bones.
Sometimes one buries,
What one owns.




<End of sample text from Monkey Stuff, page 3 of 24>

Pages: 24
Words: 384
Level: Preschool to 6yrs

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