There’s an Alien in my House – A surprise new resident

In There’s an Alien in my House, a child gets a big surprise when the new arrival isn’t so alien after all. A good fun way to introduce young children to arrival of a new sibling.

This is another awesome book brought to u by Bookdash licensed under creative commons.

Illustrated by Suné Nadine, Written by Re loe Moahloli

Text from There’s an Alien in my House – new sibling

There’s an alien in my house… We are under attack!

The walls are changing colour. It must be the alien.
The air is getting warmer.
It must be the alien.

Strangers keep coming. It must be the alien.

We need protection. I build a fort.

new sibling

Mom and Dad normally build with me,
but these days I feel invisible.
It must be the alien.

I hear a weird noise in the middle of the night. It must be the alien.

We are under attack! I am an army of one.

1 step, 2 step…
I am the army.

3 step, 4 step…
Ready for battle.

5 step, 6 step…
Away with
you, Alien!

7 step, 8 step…
I get closer.

9 step, 10 step…
I am by its head.
Woah! I get a fright.
It is tiny and it…

…looks like me?!
How can that be?
Is it really an alien?

new sibling

Maybe it’s a friend.
Maybe it’s my friend?

1 step, 2 step…
We are now an army of two.

<End of text from There’s an Alien in my House>

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