Why Do Birds Sing At Dawn – Fun folktale

Illustrated by Emmanuel Grebo, Written by Zanele Dlamini





Text from Why Do Birds Sing At Dawn


A long time ago, in the forest of Happy-Land, birds and trees could talk to each other.

There was a bird family with three children: Blue, Pink and Yellow.
They all lived on a big wise tree called Mamango.

Mama Birdie’s voice was beautiful! She would wake up early to sing her song.

But drought set in on the land. Rivers dried up and leaves fell off.

Mamango thought long and hard.
“Maybe we should get the magic worm that brings rain. But who can go?”

“I will go. I am not afraid,” Mama Birdie said.

Everyone missed Mama Birdie, and her song. Would she ever find her way back home?

“What if we sing Mama’s song?” Yellow asked.
“Mama said if we sing her song, she will nd her way back.”

“But I don’t know how to sing!” cried Pink.

“Have you tried singing?” Mamango asked.

“I have tried singing,” said Yellow.
“I can teach you.”

Early the next morning, Yellow sang Mama’s song:
“It’s a beautiful morning!
We wake up and shine!”
And rain started falling.

Eventually, all the birds joined Yellow in song.
Mama Birdie found her way back to Happy-Land.
And from then on, birds sang at dawn.

<End of text from Why do Birds Sing at Dawn>

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