Zandi and Birdy Monster – Imaginary Friends

This playful children’s story about imaginary friends is brought to us under a creative commons license by Bookdash.

Illustrated by Simeon van den Bergh Written by Marie-Louise Rouget



Text from Zandi and Birdy Monster

This is Zandi. She has a friend that no one else can see.

Some call him her imaginary friend, but Birdy Monster is very real to Zandi.

Zandi and Birdy Monster play together everyday.

Sometimes they mix up magic potions that will make you small or tall, or run very fast.

Sometimes they are pirates…

…or superheroes.

Sometimes they climb trees to spy over the garden fence.

Sometimes they blow bubbles in the bath like hippos.

Birdy Monster comes from the other side of the moon, where it is always night time.

When Zandi goes to bed, he glows in the dark so that she doesn’t get scared.

Birdy Monster has travelled everywhere, even to Port Elizabeth to visit Zandi’s Gogo Adeline.

Gogo and Birdy Monster like to play cards together.
Gogo also likes to cheat.

When Birdy Monster goes travelling, he always comes back with the best stories.

Zandi likes to play with her other friends, too. They can’t see Birdy Monster, but he doesn’t mind.

“Come on, Birdy Monster!” shouts Zandi.

“Why is he called Birdy Monster?” Robyn asks.

“Because that is his name,” says Zandi.

<End of Book: Zandi and Birdy Monster>

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