5 Fun Bedtime Stories – from a month of bedtime stories

5 fun bedtime stories from a month of bedtime stories5 Fun Bedtime Stories contains five amazing adventures. In each adventure, the centre of the story is the listener, and mysteriously for a host of reasons, the listener has forgotten, so the reader reminds them of everything that happened during the day. From aliens to submarines, underground adventures to pirates this book has it all. These stories are immensely fun to read to a child, with fun words such as globbleplop, quantum techno poppadums, and cockney pirate accents to entertain, along with fun things to laugh at like cows who think they are monkeys? And are eggs really from eggplants? Would a chicken know? This story is bound to make for many giggles for young children at bedtime.

Download the pdf of 5 Fun Bedtime Stories or see the flipbook to read online by selecting the buttons below this post.

This book is also available in an epub version.

This is the first five fun bedtime stories from 31 altogether in A Month of Bedtime Stories, available on amazon and Smashwords. The author currently has 52 these “And off you went to the woods” stories and a whole lot of other fun books, soft copies of which can be purchased for a very small fee online. See all of Neil’s books here, Neil Roy McFarlane on Amazon, and here Neil roy McFarlane on Smashwords.

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