A Butterfly Smile – Colourful Butterfly Biology Picture book

Author: Mathangi Subramanian Illustrator: Lavanya Naidu

Follow along the story where Kavya a shy girl who just moved to Bengaluru to attend her very first school. As expected she felt shy and aloof, in fear that her classmates would make fun of her. Kavya and her family lives on a half finished house which makes it hard for kavya as it was exposed to pollution and noise from the outside, this made her feel small. But during their trip to the park the whole class along with their teacher discover that Kavya knows so much about butterflies and soon she befriends her classmate Mary.

There is a factual information about butterfly colorful biology including their migration put into a beautiful and colourful picture book.

There is also a fun activity in the end where children can create their own butterfly rest station. where butterflies who migrate can have a place to rest.

Text and Images  from A Butterfly Smile – Colourful Butterfly Biology

How Caterpillars turn into Colourful Butterflies Early Biology for young zoologist.


All the students hold hands,
chattering away. Kavya stands by herself.

As they start walking, Laila Miss asks, “Does anyone know what a caterpillar becomes when it grows up?”

Kavya’s stomach flips. She knows the answer!
Should she say something?

Kavya and her family have just moved
to Bengaluru from her village.

They live at the construction site where her parents work. It’s hard living in a half-finished house. The air smells of smoke, and the honking
traffic makes it hard to sleep. The towering buildings, zooming cars, and busy people make her feel very, very small.


“When caterpillars grow up, they become butterflies,” Kavya says. “That’s right!” Laila Miss says.

“Caterpillars are only caterpillars for a few weeks,” Kavya says. “They spend that whole time eating leaves.”

“They must get very big,” says Mary, her classmate. “They do!”

“After they eat and eat and eat, caterpillars weave cocoons on the sides of plants. They go inside, where they grow and change,” says Kavya.

<end of sample – Colourful Butterfly Biology>

Make a Butterfly Rest Station

One way to help butterflies is to make safe spaces for them to stop and have a good meal.

Here’s how to make a butterfly rest station:



Find a flat vessel with high edges, like a thali or a plate.




Butterflies love bright colours. Paint the vessel
red, yellow, or orange.



Fill the vessel with butterfly food. It’s easy to make!
Mix four cups of water with one cup of sugar.


Add pieces of over-ripe fruit. Butterflies love
bananas, guavas, mangoes, papayas, and



Keep the vessel out on your veranda,
windowsill, or anywhere outside.



Clean and refill the vessel every two to three



To attract even more butterflies, plant flowers that butterflies love.
You can plant verbena, geraniums, dahlias, or sunflowers.
You don’t need a lot of space – you can plant them in pots on
the ground, or keep them on windowsills.

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