Bathtub Safari – Fun at bathtime

Jack’s bath time takes a wild turn as things in his bathtub start to change, and a group of animals becomes part of his adventurous bathtub safari!

By: Robert McEwan, Sarah-Jane Williams, Tracy Lynn Chemaly

Text and Images from Bathtub Safari

‘I’ll be back in a few moments,’ says his mom.

‘Make sure to clean behind your ears.’

There’s a SWOOSH. And a swish of a tale.

And then…

Look at what’s coming!

There’s a twist and a turn…

Something’s growing…

It’s a…

There’s a rumble!

It’s going up UP UP and…


Something bubbles.

It’s time to…


But something’s lurking in the background…


<End of Book>

Listen and read along with this story in the following video by Andrew Pepper:


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