Captain Ren’s Trip to Mars – Space theme early reader

Captain Ren’s Trip to Mars introduces phonics simple words known to readers (sight-words) alongside sound-out words, and some tricky words which readers can learn. The book is suitable for kindergarteners (reception) and grade 1 students as an early reader.

Some of the tricky words in the book are: the, of, has, to, do, two, spacesuit, so, full, there, ago, curiosity, picture, Earth, past, galaxies, done, used, ready, another

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Sample Text From Captain Ren’s Space Theme Early Reader

Ren is the captain of a spaceship. He will fly the rocket to Mars.

Ren has work to do on the red planet.

He needs to test rocks and soil to see if there is life on the planet.




Ren flies the ship around the moon.

It takes a long time to get to Mars.

He looks at all of the stars and thinks about the planets that orbit them.





<End of Page 1 of Captain Ren’s Trip to Mars>

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