Chaku’s Cycle – Building a Tricycle

Chaku's CycleChaku’s Cyle – Chaku saw Lilas tricycle and he liked it a lot. He decided to make one and need his uncles help for tools in building a tricycle on his own. Chaku was very resourceful although he manage to make a very nice looking tricycle it was not sturdy enough to ride. Lila saw he was having trouble and decided to help.

This story is more than just building a tricycle, it is about friendship, determination and having fun. This book is published by Room to Read and leveled as English 2 licensed under creative commons.

Author: Upendo Maria Illustrator: Iddi Marumba Translator: Alisha Berger

Text and Images from Chaku’s Cycle – Building a Tricycle

Building a TricycleChaku liked to play with his friends.
He liked Lila’s tricycle.
Chaku decided to make his own tricycle.
Chaku looked for logs.

Chaku remembered he also needed nails and hammer.
Chaku went to his uncle for help.
Chaku’s uncle gave him the tools.
Uncle asked Chaku to be careful.

Chaku thought about how to build his tricycle.
Chaku started to build.
What a lovely tricycle! But it was not stable.

Lila saw Chaku’s trouble. She decided to help.
Together, they made a strong tricycle.
Chaku rode his tricycle wherever he went.
But his favorite time was when he and Lila cycled together.

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