Classic Stories – Big Book for Early Grades and Kindergarten CKF

This book is designed for the US preschool / pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) syllabus and has teachers guides and activity workbooks available with it, I’ll upload these soon, in the mean time you can find them here:

The activities have lots of fun learning activities including matching images, board games, and recipes, with a few reading comprehension activities, aimed at young children, however some, for example, recipes and games can fit many ages.

This collection of stories has many favourites and can be enjoyable for learning English or for reading as bedtime stories.

Sample Page from Classic Stories

Contents from Classic Stories Collection

The Lion and the Mouse 1
The City Mouse and the Country Mouse 9
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 19
The Gingerbread Man 31
The Shoemaker and the Elves 45
The Little Red Hen 57
Thumbelina 67
How Turtle Cracked His Shell 85
Why Flies Buzz 95
The Three Little Pigs 111

Reading Comprehension Questions

The Lion and the Mouse Reading Comprehension

1. Who woke the lion by running across his paw?
3. What did the lion decide to do when the mouse said he would be his friend?
2. How did the lion feel about being awakened?
4. How did the mouse later help the lion?

Why Flies Buzz Reading Comprehension

1. Why did the man and woman go into the jungle?
3. What happened to the bushfowl’s nest?
2. What made the hippopotamus angry?
4. The lion decided that all the problems occurred because of one animal. Which animal?

Three Little Pigs Reading Comprehension
1. Who huffed and puffed and blew down the little pigs’ houses?
3. How did the wolf get into the brick house?
2. Which house was the only house the wolf could not blow down?
4. Where did the wolf end up in this story?


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