Come Back Cat

The few words and large text size with repetition makes is very suitable for building confidence and keeping attention spans with early readers.

Illustrated by Karen Lilje, Written by Nicola Rijsdijk, Designed by Sam Scarborough

Text and  Images from Come Back Cat

Come back, cat! Play with me.

Sit in your basket. Stay right here!

Come back, cat! Don’t go outside.

Come back, cat! That’s not yours.

Come back, cat. That’s not your friend!

<end of sample>

You can also follow and read along with the video below


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Every child should have a hundred books when they reach the age of five. that means handing down 600 million free books to South African children who probably could not afford to buy them, More children grow up not learning how to read and write well, and every day we lose more of these children. Let us not neglect these children and help them overcome poverty by first teaching them how to read and to enjoy the worlds that a book can open up.

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Comments 1

  • Risa writes:
    A good one for cat lovers.. good for preschoolers who learn to read, too

    darius writes:
    very easy book to read for a toddler

    Dania writes:
    For me, this is a important a beautiful topic, because is independent, it show us how the children can be.

    Olivia writes:
    This book was really good because It was filled with many easy expressions.

    Lolita writes:
    this book was funny and cute. I’ve read it with my mother. Lolita 🙂

    Miss N writes:
    Great for kids 5 and below. Really nicely illustrated.

    Karla writes:
    It’s just what I was looking, perfect story to read with my kids!


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