FKB Book Templates

We’ve created these simple templates to use for making your own book. All are letter format as it is most transportable for print on demand printers.





The templates are created in OpenOffice- a free program which is available at Most books use the Drawing program when there are more images than text, and the writing program when there is more text than images. Both open in the same program, but you edit them differently.

Most of our templates use the OpenDyslexic font which you can download at The font will show up in pdfs (all the books have a corresponding pdf available on the website so you can see the original layout, as this will change from computer to computer), but they will only show up in the editable document if you have it installed.

Templates can be used to expand on the story available or to create an entirely new one. To learn more about creating your own stories, see this post: and this one about public domain stories,

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