Gecko on the Wall Extended Version

This extended version includes a non-fiction section at the end. The fun gecko facts and activities for children provides for an additional learning experience and perfect for classroom or homeschool projects.

By: Danielle Bruckert

Sample Text from the Book

There’s a gecko on my wall, I don’t mind him there at all; Lying quietly watching me, He is quite good company.

<End of Page 1>

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  • Perfect! I am writing for a small zoo, trying to design education tools for teachers planning field trips for 1st grade. A charming story for the children to read in advance, or during snack time

  • park jin hee writes:

    Kanika G writes:
    My daughter wanted to say “Thank you”

    maddy writes:
    i love geckoś on my wall

    bella writes:
    i loved the ending…


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