Geography – Grade 10 Namibia

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Sample Text from Geography – Grade 10 Namibia


Geography Grade 10

You will need enough time to browse through newspapers. In this activity you need 45 minutes to fully answer the question.
1.1After students bring in the maps, discuss what they have found.
This will help the students see the broad range of uses that maps have in our society.
1.2 A map is a simplified version of the earth and maps:
  • show how things are related to each other by distance (both horizontal and vertical), direction, and size.
  • ƒare a way of showing many things about a portion of the Earth’s real three dimensional surface on a flat piece of paper. This two dimensional representation can be carried and transported easily.
  • are not pictures of the Earth’s surface.
  • can focus on one feature, such as streets or population distribution.
  • ƒcan show many things that pictures cannot show.

I hope you have managed to do the activity.

Let’s look at important information on a map. To read a map it is important that you familiarize yourself with the following:
Each map has a title with the following information on it e.g. 2217 BA Namibia. The 22 represents the line of latitude and the 17 the line of longitude. BA is the specific map of the B block.
The date on the other hand shows when this map was drawn. Dates are very important seeing that information might be missing and we will only know it if we looked at the date.
Each map has its own scale and you must know the difference especially if you calculate distance. We will discuss types of scale later. Let’s look at figure 1.2 which shows t he title, date and scale on a map. Once you have looked at the map you can study all the important map symbols. It is important to note that there are other symbols that appear can appear on maps, but for now we will concentrate only on the ones that are listed.


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