Kung-Fu Grasshoppers – learn not to judge

Kung-fu grasshoppers short story for kidsIn The Kung-Fu Grasshoppers, the grasshopper’s children are taken prisoner by a hungry monster. Two strangers arrive in the grasshopper village, an old man and his granddaughter. Who are they, and can they help to save the grasshopper children from the evil monster who holds them prisoner in the nearby woods?

This suspense-filled tale of a village terrorized by a hungry monster the size of a bunny rabbit – but pretty darn big for grasshopper standards – and it’s moral, learn not to judge by appearance, is bound to amuse.





This is a free story from the 28-story collection Quite Possibly Without Doubt the Best Story Book in the World Ever, Maybe: (A Bumper Book of Bite-Sized Bedtime Tales). 

Excerpt from Kung-fu Grasshoppers

 kun-fu grasshoppers bunny sized monster
A long time ago in ancient China, there was a Village of grasshoppers who lived peacefully and happily in a lovely valley. There, they spent their days playing and singing and sunbathing……


One day, three grasshopper children went to play in the nearby woods. They had often gone there before and everyone in the village believed that the woods were a sunny and safe place for grasshopper children to play.


But they were wrong because what nobody knew was that a monster had recently come to live in the woods, and that monster caught those grasshopper children…


End of excerpt


About the Author: Neil Roy Mcfarlane

Neil Roy McFarlane is from the UK. He lived in Asia for over ten years and speaks passable Chinese. He writes in his spare time. He realized he wanted to be a writer when he was 8 years old, he fell in love with reading and thereby living in other worlds. He believes that a writer is a great puppeteer who can create worlds.

He would wake up at five in the morning and usually write for a couple of hours during weekdays before he goes to work. Then he would write some more when he is on the train to and from work using scraps of paper. He even uses train tickets and till receipts when he runs out of paper.


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  • I liked the fighting part of the story because I liked it when the Ancient One fought the monster and beat him. I also liked it when the young lady grasshopper Kung fu chopped the monster’s nose. That’s it.


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