Wiggle-Jiggle – A caterpillar story

wiggle_jiggle_caterpillar_butterfly_cute_picturebookWiggle-Jiggle is a cute and cuddly caterpillar story with very cute rhythm, rhyme, and repetition.  Young children will love this short, beautifully illustrated picturebook. Young children will love all the fun sound words along with the bright pictures, and the inevitable ending.

Illustrated by: Megan Vermaak
Written by: Mathapelo Mabaso
Designed by: Chenél Ferreira
Edited by: Robert Plummer
with the help of the Book Dash participants in Cape Town on 13 April 2019.



Text from Wiggle-Jiggle – A caterpillar nature picturebook


Wiggle jiggle wriggle!  I am a wriggly worm.

Flowers and leaves are my favourite food.

Yummy in my tummy! Wiggle jiggle wriggle!

I am a wriggly worm. I love the rain.

Pitter-patter on the leaves. Watch me wiggle and dance.

Wiggle jiggle wriggle! Poo!!!  My magic poo makes plants grow BIG.

caterpillar wiggle jiggle nature picture







I love to see my plants grow. Yellow, red, blue, and green. Wiggle jiggle wriggle!

I am a wriggly worm. Wiggle when you see me in the garden. Wiggle jiggle wriggle!

Where am I now? I’m here in my cocoon!

Oh wait!

wiggle jiggle nature picture book

I’m not a wiggly worm!

Flitter flutter flitter!

I am a butterfly!

<End of wiggle-jiggle – a caterpillar story>

Read along with Wiggle Jiggle in this YouTube video from Cambridge Storytime:

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This is a creative commons book from Bookdash, more books from Bookdash can be found in our Bookdash category.



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