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In Londi The Dreaming Girl, Londi is always daydreaming. This can be fun when a cloud turns into a goose, fish, or sheep, but what happens when she’s asked to do something important for Gogo? Can Londi keep her mind on the task? Find out more in this cute picture book about day dreaming from BookDash.

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Londi the Dreaming Girl

Londi was a dreaming girl. Up in the sky, she didn’t see clouds.

Instead Londi saw flying geese, jumping fish, and fluffy sheep running home.

One afternoon, Gogo came outside, looking tired.

“Londi, stop dreaming!” she said. “It’s time to go and fetch the water.”

Londi stood up and smiled at her feet.

“Let’s go, feet! You know the way there!”

Londi started walking to the tap. She hopped over the rocks.

She crept past Mama Neli’s house. She dashed down the path.

The line at the tap was long. “Oh no!” Londi said to her feet.

“We’ll have to wait. Let’s stay in line. No dreaming away!”

Ooh! Londi thought. But what’s that shining over there?

I wonder who lost their shoe?

Did it belong to a girl like me?

Or something else…

And what’s that under there?

Cheep! Cheep!

And what’s that big shadow? Uh oh, it’s Gogo!

“Londi, your bucket nearly rolled away!”

“Sorry, Gogo. I dreamed too far, again.”

They filled up the bucket together. Londi watched the big sun sink into the hills.

“Come let’s go, my dreaming girl,” said Gogo.

“Look, Gogo! There’s a pink pig in the sky!”

“Oh Londi… It’s just a cloud,” Gogo sighed.

Londi took Gogo’s hand and they walked home together happily.

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