Mama Antelope’s House – Fun Early Reader

Illustrated by Barbara Nascimbeni, Written by Florenca Marundu


Text from Mama Antelope’s House

Long ago, all the animals lived in a village. Mama Antelope had a big house.

One day, Hare wanted to play a trick.
He thought and thought and thought… He crept into Mama Antelope’s house. He closed the door and made a lot of noise.

Mama Antelope came home. “Who is in my house?” she cried.
“Hyena, please help! Someone is in my house.” PING CLINK

Knock, knock, knock! “Open the door!” howled Hyena.
But the door did not open. CRASH! SNAP!

Hyena called Giraffe. “Open the door!” shouted Giraffe.
But the door did not open. BANG! SMASH!

Giraffe called Zebra. “Open the door!” yelled Zebra.
But the door did not open. BASH! BOOM!

Zebra called Elephant. He was big and strong. “Open the door!” commanded Elephant.
But the door did not open. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Mama Antelope was sad. All the animals were sad.
Who was in Mama Antelope’s house?

The birds sang.
The butterflies flapped. The bees buzzed.
“Open the door!” they all cried.

The door opened. It was Hare! Hare was smiling. He loved tricks.

Hurrah! Hurrah!
Mama Antelope and
Baby Antelope are happy.
The animals are happy.
Mama Antelope’s house is open at last.

<End of text from Mama Antelope’s House>

This book was brought to us by BookDash, aiming to have 100 books in every child’s hands by the age of 5. It is published under a creative commons license.

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