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Matchbox Dreams is specifically designed for parents to read to their children before bedtime or for older readers to read to themselves.

Each night Harper, Remy and Millie come alive through the short stories. Each story is designed to be about 10-20 minutes long, and only one story should be read at a time. For added fun, have your child act out the story with the toy mice available for purchase at the author’s website.

Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potterand The Wizard of Oz Series, Douglas created a new world called Dreamland which is inhabited by colorful, mischievous, and funny characters who contribute to adventures found amongst the pages. Unlike other children’s books, Matchbox Dreams does not have witches, dragons, monsters, nor any evil villains which may scare children and cause nightmares. 

“Douglas has a wonderful gift of storytelling and will stand out wonderfully in the market! I have read many children’s books, and this one has been by far one of the best children’s books I’ve seen in ages! Matchbox Dreams is amazingly well written. It’s easy to fall in love with the main characters. They are easily relatable from a child’s point of view. The book is also very appealing as an adult/parent/caregiver, to become part of a shareable nighttime ritual to induce a relaxed, creative sleep within the youngsters they care for. I can also see older children reading this willingly. Overall this is an amazingly charming book by a wonderfully charming author! I can see the possibilities of cartoons and movies as well,” stated Jennifer, a mother of five and book reviewer.

About the Author:   

Douglas graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Mass Communication. He writes stories, inspired by the tales he used to tell his daughters during their childhood.  Now, with his daughters grown up, and each with three children, he has been enlisted again to start creating stories to be read to their children.

Matchbox Dreams is available as an ebook at Kindle, Google Play and Barnes and Noble, and a printed book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble see links on the author’s sit under the hard copy button below.

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