Sarbasst’s Tales 3

By: Sarbasst Braian



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Comments 2

  • Amy writes:
    This is a great book especially for pre k and kindergarden

    It’s cute and sweet and easy to read.

    ahmad writes:
    This was a great, eye catching book for a 2 year old.

    Marcio writes:
    Very Good!

    GABRIEL writes:
    Great lesson and used relevant vocabulary.

    Motsehoa writes:
    The I’d enjoyed it because it’s really enjoyable by kids.

    lyn writes:
    it’s interesting for kids.

    bria writes:
    It was a good book!!

    Kerrian Stephenson writes:
    My son and I read it together. I don’t like how it ends, but he loved the story.

    Abhishek writes:
    Nice story and good animation.

    Jageth writes:
    They figure it out what is the home because the friend turtle told them he painted yesterday his home.


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