Sindi and the Moon – Ready for the first day of school

Sindi and the Moon is a story about Sindi’s experiences preparing for and going to school for the first time. Sindi is getting ready for her first day of school, but she’s a little nervous. Will there be only reading and writing, or will they let her sing and dance too?

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Illustrated by Wesley van Eeden
Written by Zanele Dlamini
Designed by Thokozani Mkhize

Sindi and the Moon

Sindi sits on the ground and feeds the chickens.

Sindi was a very lively little girl who loved to sing and dance. She lived on a farm with her parents and her Gogo.

Sindi enjoyed following Gogo around and feeding the animals.

Sindi is excited. She dreams of pens and pencils and books.

One evening while Sindi and her family were having dinner, Sindi’s mother had something to tell her. “Sindi,” she said, “after the long Christmas holidays, you are going to go to school.

”Sindi was so excited. She was happy that she would finally get to learn how to read and write.

Sindi hops and skips.

When Sindi was happy, she danced. Her joy spread to the farm animals. The dogs barked more loudly. The cows mooed more beautifully. The butterflies flapped their wings and landed in her hair.

Sindi dances in the field.

When Sindi danced, she swayed from left to right, as if she were pushed and pulled by the wind. She sang along with its soft, slow music.

Sindi asks Gogo about school.

As the holidays were ending after Christmas, Sindi started to wonder what school would really be like. She did not want her mother to know that she was nervous, so she asked Gogo what school would be like.

“School is very serious,” Gogo said. “There is no more time for song and dance, only learning.” This did not make Sindi happy at all.

Sindi sits outside under the stars.

The night before school started was very hot. Sindi just could not sleep! She tiptoed outside and sat on the stoep, looking up at the dark sky. The moon was big and bright and beautiful and the stars were twinkling.

Sindi talks to the moon.

Sindi spoke to the beautiful moon. “Dear moon so bright,” she said, “are you afraid of the dark? Is that why you ask the stars to keep you company?”

“I am going to school tomorrow, what will it be like?”

“Will they let me sing? Will they let me dance?”

The moon smiles. The stars dance.

Sindi started to sing. What she saw next made her rub her eyes in disbelief. Was she dreaming? The moon was smiling! And the stars were dancing to her song!

Sindi sits outside in the dark and smiles.

A gentle voice spoke to her. “Dear little Sindi,” the voice said. “School is a wonderful place. You will learn many things: to read and write, to sing and dance and to make many friends.”“But for now, Sindi, you must rest. Tomorrow will be beautiful.”

The moon winks.

Sindi had never seen anything this amazing. She wanted to wake everyone up and show them the talking moon and dancing stars.

But the moon stopped her. “Shhhh, Sindi,”it said. “This is our little secret.” The moon winked.

Sindi returned to bed, comforted by the moon’s wise words, and slept peacefully.

Sindi and Mama walk to the school.

The time came for school. Mama held Sindi’s hand as they approached the school.

She was confident that the day would be beautiful, because the moon had told her so.

Children were arriving with their mothers and fathers. They all looked excited. Sindi could not wait to make friends.

Sindi dances and sings with her new school friends.

By lunch time, Sindi loved everything about school.

“I wish the moon could see me now,” she said to herself. “Now I will learn to read. I will learn to write.

But also I will sing and dance!”

And all of Sindi’s new friends danced with her, just like the animals had done. They clapped their hands and sang to her tune.

<End of Text from Sindi and the Moon>


Sindi and the Moon Reading Comprehension and Writing Questions

Answer true or false to the following questions:

1. Sindi loved to sing and dance.

2. At first Sindi was happy about going to school.

3. Sindi was not nervous about school.

4. Sindi’s Gogo gave her correct advice about school.

5. Sindi enjoyed her first day at school.

Fill in the gap:

6. Sindi wanted to _ _ _ _ everyone up to show them the _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _.

7. Mama held Sindi’s _ _ _ _ as they approached the _ _ _ _ _ _.

8. Sindi loved to _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _, and she wanted to learn to _ _ _ _ and to _ _ _ _ _.

Write an answer:

9. Decribe your feelings before your first day of school or kindergarten.

10. Describe your feelings after your first day of school or kindergarten.

Download this reading comprehension worksheet for the story Sindi and the Moon – pdf
Download this reading comprehension worksheet for the story Sindi and the Moon – txt

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