how to be happy

10 life lessons on how to be happy by 10 friendly animal characters, including sight words and activities, perfect for school use, in a pdf and editable children’s book released under CC-BY-NC.

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Always Be Good is a short simple book for young children, and beginner ESL readers, promoting important behaviours young children need to learn. Book 5 in the FKB Always Be Nice series featuring cute animals and alliteration.

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feebee mcgee on planet abc

Feebee McGee goes on an adventure to planet ABC, travelling on her “Terrific Transformable Train” – Tripple T for short, with her camera “Camy”. Searching for he friends “Yargle and Zankadroid”, she meets an “amazing Acktopop, beside a Bossy Bornswagle”, and thereafter all the ABC characters in between. A fun book using alliteration and great …

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stick your tongue out early biology

A fun book for kindergarten and early grades, when reading this book poking your own tongue out to see what you can do with it is compulsory! Teachers, you can even let your class poke out their tongues after reading this as part of a science experiment. In Stick Your Tongue out, wach page has …

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zoophabet alphabet alliteration

Alice admires African ants. Bernard goes bonkers for banana bread. Coco is crazy about cotton candy…Enjoy this fun alphabet alliteration ebook for children to identify with letter sounds and shapes. Each letter-shaped animal has its own idea of what makes a good snack. Kids may think some of their choices sound really yummy and that …

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There are many advantages to a fun book of word searches, for example, a fun, free, no battery game for all the family, improves mental fitness, memory, spelling, and vocabulary, and many others. Try out this word book with 26 x five letter word puzzles, one for each letter of the alphabet. Enjoy the fun! …

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alphabet colouring book

Meet and colour the entire Zoophabet. An alphabet colouring book. From Abe and Alice to Zinnia and Zed, these letter-shaped animals will intrigue… children already familiar with the alphabet and can aid in teaching the upper and lowercase letter pairs to those still learning it. Author: Janine Lazur         Sample Text from Zoopha …

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The Silly ABC Book

In The Silly ABC Book, we see Angry Apples to Kettle Kite, and a Pirate and a Parrot on a plank, Kaptain Uke, aka Mike Belgrave entertains us again with his silly alphabet. This book was originally called The Mike Belgrave ABC. Mike, aka Kaptain Uke, has changed some of the pictures and words to …

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go green save the planet

Save the Planet is a short simple book for young children, and beginner ESL readers, promoting values of conservation and ecologically-friendly behaviour. This book teaches children ten important lessons about conservation and actions that can help preserve and conserve our natural environment and the resources, for those of us, people and animals, who inhabit it. …

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how to be happy

How to be Happy is a short simple book for young children and beginner ESL reader, promoting values of appreciation and giving, and can be used as an early reader. The book is perfect for building confidence in reading with only 25 words most of which are simple words. This book also teaches kids ten …

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