out and about

Out and About Another great book from the i-Character series, encouraging children to overcome shyness when greeting others. The book also a key point for children about feelings. How to identify our own feelings, and other people’s feelings, acknowledging other people’s feelings, and modifying behaviour to make others feel good. By: Agnes and Salem de Bezenac …

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mike belgraves abc

ABC mike belgrave – A fun alphabet book with amusing pictures and clear uppercase letters. This is a unique way of introducing letters and words to young children. By: Mike Belgrave     Text and Images from Mike Belgrave’s ABCs – Alphabet Book   A APPLE   B BEAR   C CHICKEN SOUP <end of sample> Read more …

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domino goes to the beach

Domino Goes to the Beach – Domino, a Boston Terrier, takes a trip with her family to visit a relative on the coast. A photo book about Dominos adventures on holiday and some great advice about taking a pet on holiday. By: Wendy R Davis     Text and Images from Domino Goes to the Beach Domino …

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fading flowers

Fading Flowers – Flowers look sad when they’re fading, just like our faces when we’re sad or angry, but flowers look very beautiful and happy when they’re fresh. A little girl compares her sad face to the wilting flowers, and her happy face to the fresh flowers. What will she choose? A story about being …

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feebee mcgee on planet abc

Feebee McGee goes on an adventure to planet ABC, travelling on her “Terrific Transformable Train” – Tripple T for short, with her camera “Camy”. Searching for he friends “Yargle and Zankadroid”, she meets an “amazing Acktopop, beside a Bossy Bornswagle”, and thereafter all the ABC characters in between. A fun book using alliteration and great …

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bed making blues

Bed Making Blues Children often don’t want to do stuff they think is too hard, like making their bed, Mum helps remind someone that chores are necessary, and the quicker we get better at them the easier they are. Another great story with values from I-Character. By: Agnes and Salem De Bezenac   Text and Images …

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what is love

What is Love describes all the cool parts of love, how love makes you want to do stuff for others, and how love is beyond not feeling like it. Another great book from icharacter with some important lessons. By: Agnes and Salem De Bezenac     See more books from the Author below    

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A House For A Mouse

A House For A Mouse – Two mice, Whiskers and Cheesepuff, discover humans have moved into their house. After evading traps, they eventually find an amicable solution through learning to be giving. By: Rebecca Westberg   Read along with the story, read by Kiwi Opa See more of books about animals below    

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the king of custard castle

This fun elementary fiction book provides a great leisure or learning opportunity for elementary children. Emma encapsulates the essence of pure reading for joy in this book, while still providing a great resource for fiction exercises for elementary children learning to critique or studying creative writing styles and techniques. A collection of four fun stories …

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all sorts of cars

Blue cars, yellow cars, fancy cars, classic cars – even a bus! This book really has all sorts of cars, with beautiful colourful photos and drawings to go with it – ideal for car mad toddlers, and the simple repetitive text makes it great for young children just beginning on their journey of learning to read. Compiled …

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