the boy who loved boats

The Boy Who Loved Boats – Aaron loved boats, it was all he could think of. His parents appreciated his love of boats, but also wanted him to love his studies. A story based on the simple premise of love, a child’s love for boats, and parent’s love for their child, resulting in a simple …

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counting cars is fun

Counting Cars Is Fun – A simple counting book for pre-school children based on the numbers 1 to 5. Introducing simple addition and subtraction in practical terms with cars driving along the road. By: Danielle Bruckert     See more books from the Author below    

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all sorts of cars

Blue cars, yellow cars, fancy cars, classic cars – even a bus! This book really has all sorts of cars, with beautiful colourful photos and drawings to go with it – ideal for car mad toddlers, and the simple repetitive text makes it great for young children just beginning on their journey of learning to read. Compiled …

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all types of air craft

All Types of Aircraft – An early non-fiction book about all the different types of aircraft, from jets to blimps and everything in between. This book is aimed at early grades, with simple language and lots of pictures. Author: Danielle Bruckert   Text and Images from All Types of Aircraft There are many different types of …

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the flying train

One night, a flying train takes Jimmy, Nelly, and friends on an adventure to outer space. Was it all just a dream? An award winning, fun filled book. The flying train is a great chance to introduce facts about the solar system to young children. Janaki Sooriyarachchi is a highly respected author from Sri Lanka with an exceptional …

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